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The future of video conferencing: T-ROOM


Company NTT presented recently in Tokyo its version of the video conferencing of the future, called "T-room."

A person who participates at conference is located in the circular room which is by all sides surrounded with video screens and covered with three cameras.

The person with whom you communicate is shown in actual size and, needless to say, must be in the identical room. Background on the "windows" does not have to be boring black, but each user can optionally program the look of the background. If it's about some sort of presentation, outlook of the entire room can be converted to, for example, a great PowerPoint presentation.

"T-room" is primarily designed for the business world, but of course it can be used for distance learning, entertainment and socializing. Each conference or conversation is, of course , possible to record.

Source: CrunchGear

Video presentation: YouTube


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