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Financial experts – options

Create your SPECIJALIST.Occupational Profile

SPECIJALIST.HR gives you the opportunity of creating a specialized occupational profile from the fields of accounting, finance and audit that employers can find while browsing the SPECIJALIST.Database of Financial Experts. Your profile can be active or passive, depending on the fact are you currently looking for a new job.

When an employer becomes interested in your profile, SPECIJALIST.HR will contact you and ask for permission to forward your profile to a certain employer.

To some employers, you can deny access to your profile. All you need to do is specify the name and the registration number of the employer. This can for example be your current employer or other employers for whom you do not want to contact you in case of the open job position.

Search the ads for open job positions

Use the search engine to browse job ads.

The option „Apply“ is designed to speed up the application process. If selected, your occupational profile is automatically forwarded to the employer.

Quick and easy way to browse the ads you are interested in is by selecting the option “Notifications on new job postings”.

Search the SPECIJALIST.Knowledge Database / SPECIJALIST.Experts Reply

In everyday work at your disposal there are the SPECIJALIST.Knowledge Database and  SPECIJALIST.Experts Reply.

Search the ads for education programs

By using the SPECIJALIST.Knowledge Calendar and ads for education programs select the programs to facilitate career development.


Become a part of our network of employers, financial experts, educators, students.

When registering, enter general information and select e-mail notifications you are interested in receiving:

  • SPECIJALIST.Newsletter
  • Notifications on new job postings
  • SPECIJALIST.Knowledge Calendar
  • Notifications on new education programs

Determine the dynamics of receiving the chosen notifications. The set criteria can be changed at any time.

At your disposal there is SPECIJALIST.Inbox (Incoming mail) where all documentation related to your cooperation with SPECIJALIST.HR is sent. Here we can forward you and all of the above mentioned e-mail notifications.

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